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Easily add async state tracking to your UITableView data sources
protocol TableValuable {
associatedtype TableItem
static func loadingValue() -> TableItem
static func failedValue() -> TableItem
func value() -> TableItem
enum TableState<T: TableValuable> {
case Loading
case Failed
case Items([T])
var count: Int {
switch self {
case let .Items(items):
return items.count
return 1
func value(row: Int) -> T.TableItem {
switch self {
case .Loading:
return T.loadingValue()
case .Failed:
return T.failedValue()
case let .Items(items):
let item = items[row]
return item.value()
// conforming to the TableValuable protocol
extension String: TableValuable {
typealias TableItem = String
static func failedValue() -> TableItem {
return "Failed..."
static func loadingValue() -> TableItem {
return "Loading..."
func value() -> TableItem {
return self
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