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nickrobinson251 / generate_pudl_datadeps.jl
Last active January 29, 2021 16:01
Generate `DataDeps` for easily downloading data packages published to Zenodo by [PUDL](
using DataDepsGenerators
const RAW_DATASET_TO_DOI = Dict(
# {{DATASET}} =>{{DOI}}
"censusdp1tract" => "10.5281/zenodo.4127049",
"eia860" => "10.5281/zenodo.4127027",
"eia860m" => "10.5281/zenodo.4281337",
"eia861" => "10.5281/zenodo.4127029",
"eia923" => "10.5281/zenodo.4127040",
"epacems" => "10.5281/zenodo.4127055",
nickrobinson251 / name_search.jl
Last active January 22, 2021 12:09
A Julia startup.jl config file that creates REPL modes which help you find functionality
# Functionality for the `names>` repl mode
using REPL: moduleusings
# search through all accessible names for functionality with a name like `str`
names_like(str) = foreach(println, _corrections(str, _accessible_names()))
function _accessible_names(mod=Main) # Based on code in stdlib
_names(m) = names(m; all=true, imported=true) # include unexported `Base` + `mod` names
mod_names = filter!(s -> !Base.isdeprecated(mod, s), _names(mod))
nickrobinson251 /
Last active November 5, 2018 22:21
A fish config file that let's you use conda virtual environments
if test -n $_CONDA_ROOT
if not contains $_CONDA_ROOT $PATH
# add anaconda (or alternatively miniconda) to path so we can use conda
# make using conda virtual envs possible. Start/stop with
# 'conda activate <env>' and 'conda deactivate'
source $_CONDA_ROOT/etc/fish/conf.d/