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Last active Oct 28, 2020
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Symposium 2020 Follow-up Questions: ASP.NET Core Rendering SDK

How to develop with the new ASP.NET Core rendering SDK

Follow-up Questions

Can I use Blazor?

At this time, only ASP.NET Core MVC is supported. But we are looking at Blazor support and would love to hear about customer use cases (nwe at sitecore dot net).

When referring to Blazor are you thinking of WASM or server blazor?

From our current POV, Blazor Server isn't a great option for the typical marketing website because of the risk of server disconnect.

are the slides with the repo link for the startup template available?

Instructions are here:

Does the sitecore .net core sdk built in cache management/invalidation mechanism if a publish happens on the CD site ?

This is in consideration in the roadmap, we are looking at ways to expose publishing events to the rendering host to enable this.

Do you need to use Containers to be able to use the new rendering host for NET Core?

Nope! You can run your rendering host in any location supported by Kestrel. Independently, behind IIS, PaaS web apps, etc.

Can we still use SXA if the site is running on ASP.NET Core rendering SDK?

Yes, in fact you can use the SXA JSS Tenant with ASP.NET Core. Documentation on this is forthcoming.

Can we have separate JSS and SXA and ASP.NET Core instances all in the same Sitecore XP solution?

Yes you could have certain sites which use JSS, ASP.NET Core, and MVC-based SXA all in the same instance. Obviously if the JSS and ASP.NET Core sites share components, they would need to be implemented separately in JavaScript and ASP.NET Core.

Are there any reasons that I would ever have to deploy code to CD or CM?

Definitely. You likely will need to build Rendering Contents Resolvers to customize the output of the Layout Service, in addition to typical authoring/data integrations with CM. An example of a Rendering Contents Resolver can be found here:

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