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Last active Apr 20, 2020
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Nico Kaiser

Web Developer & Computer Scientist / / @nicokaiser

Personal Summary

  • Software developer with over 15 years of full-time, freelance and hobbyist experience in developing high-end, database-driven web applications.
  • Ten years of experience in developing and running high-availability microservices and applications in production using Node.js.
  • Expert in MySQL database administration including performance and high availability.
  • Very diverse skill set in software development (including the adaption of software design patterns), Linux server administration, and technical support.
  • Able to work independently, recognizing problems and finding suitable solutions.
  • Able to collaborate with a team, managing and delegating tasks appropriately and efficiently.
  • Exceptional problem solving skills, critical thinking skills, and patience.
  • "Team glue", good at bringing teams together on a personal level.
  • Highly interested in new technologies, methods and web standards, engaged and active within developer communities.

Technical Profile

Programming Languages and Tools

JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, Perl, Bash, Microservices, Software Design Patterns, Continuous Integration, Unit Testing

Database Technologies

MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, Solr, SQLite

Web Standards and Frameworks


Operating Systems and DevOps Tools

Linux (Debian, Ubuntu), UNIX (macOS), Windows; Docker, Git, Subversion, Jira

Internet and Network Technologies

TCP/IP, IPv6, DNS, NFS, SSH, Apache, nginx, SMB, server administration, monitoring

Photography, Graphical Visualization, Design and Prepress

Capture One, Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Acrobat, Illustrator, InDesign, LaTeX

Professional Experience

BörseGo AG, Munich

Software Developer, 09/2009 - present

  • Development of large Node.js and PHP web and backend applications in financial context.
  • Concept, implementation and operation of a Node.js and WebSocket-based generic high-traffic event push service for various sites and services.
  • Concept, development and maintenance of a powerful Open Source REST API framework, available at
  • Implementation and introduction of OAuth based authentication infrastructures.
  • Maintenance and migration of legacy PHP code bases and large applications.

Freelance and Voluntary Work

Software Developer, 2006 - present

  • Web development, design and consulting, e.g. for Siemens, LMU München, personal projects
  • Contributions to various Open Source Software projects, some of which are available at

Linksystem München GmbH

Web Designer & Web Developer, 01/1999 - 09/2009

  • Planning and development of web applications in direct liaison with clients.
  • User interface design and implementation of custom-made solutions using PHP, HTML/CSS, MySQL, Midgard Content Management Framework, PostgreSQL, Perl.
  • Co-development of the first version of MidCOM, a component framework on top of the Midgard CMF.

Siemens I&C Training Institute

Webmaster and Working Student, 11/2005 - 03/2007

  • Webmaster for Intranet and Internet portals.
  • Web application development and administration using ASP.NET, PHP and Perl.
  • Website design and development in HTML and CSS.

Hospital of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) Munich, IBE

Civilian Service (in lieu of military service), 11/2000 - 09/2001

  • Planning, implementation and administration of various Intranet and Internet applications.
  • Development of custom-tailored medical database solutions.


Technische Universität München

Studies of Computer Science, 10/2001 - 02/2009

  • Degree: Diplom-Informatiker univ. (grade: 1.7)
  • Subsidiary subject: Business Studies

Language Skills

  • German: native speaker
  • English: fluent, proficient written level
  • French: beginner level
  • Spanish: beginner level

Hobbies and Interests

  • Socialising with friends and family
  • Music: accordion and bandoneon (classical, jazz, tango, folk), member of various ensembles and orchestras
  • Photography (analog, digital) and digital post-processing,
  • Technical playground and Open Source Software contributions,


XML-Based Visualization of Design and Completeness in Medical Databases (M. Dugas, K. Kuhn, N. Kaiser, K. Überla) Informatics for Health and Social Care, 2001, Vol. 26, No. 4, pp 237-250

Awareness Services in Open-Innovation-Communities - A Fame-Mirror-System as an Example. Diploma Thesis in Computer Science, 2009, Technische Universität München

Computer Based Training Server: a Free, Reliable, and Scalable Platform for Web-Based Courses (M. Batschkus, M. Dugas, A. Brandmaier, T. Heilmann, M. Jehle, N. Kaiser, N. Engelhardt, K Schmidt) Multimedia-Lerncenter-Medizin, IBE, University of Munich, Munich, Germany


Available on request.

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