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WebSocket library fallback for old protocol clients
#!/usr/bin/env node
// Example of how to fallback to alternative websocket library for old protocol clients
// see
var http = require('http'),
WebSocketRequest = require('websocket').request,
ws = require('websocket-server');
var httpServer = http.createServer(function(request, response) {
console.log((new Date()) + " Received request for " + request.url);
httpServer.listen(10080, function() {
console.log((new Date()) + " Server is listening on port 10080");
// node-websocket-server
var miksagoConnection = require('./node_modules/websocket-server/lib/ws/connection');
var miksagoServer = ws.createServer();
miksagoServer.server = httpServer;
miksagoServer.addListener('connection', function(connection) {
// Add remoteAddress property
connection.remoteAddress = connection._socket.remoteAddress;
// We want to use "sendUTF" regardless of the server implementation
connection.sendUTF = connection.send;
// WebSocket-Node config
var wsServerConfig = {
// All options *except* 'httpServer' are required when bypassing
// WebSocketServer.
maxReceivedFrameSize: 0x10000,
maxReceivedMessageSize: 0x100000,
fragmentOutgoingMessages: true,
fragmentationThreshold: 0x4000,
keepalive: true,
keepaliveInterval: 20000,
assembleFragments: true,
// autoAcceptConnections is not applicable when bypassing WebSocketServer
// autoAcceptConnections: false,
disableNagleAlgorithm: true,
closeTimeout: 5000
// Handle the upgrade event ourselves instead of using WebSocketServer
httpServer.on('upgrade', function(req, socket, head) {
if (typeof req.headers['sec-websocket-version'] !== 'undefined') {
// WebSocket hybi-08/-09/-10 connection (WebSocket-Node)
var wsRequest = new WebSocketRequest(socket, req, wsServerConfig);
try {
var wsConnection = wsRequest.accept(wsRequest.requestedProtocols[0], wsRequest.origin);
catch(e) {
console.log("WebSocket Request unsupported by WebSocket-Node: " + e.toString());
} else {
// WebSocket hixie-75/-76/hybi-00 connection (node-websocket-server)
if (req.method === 'GET' &&
(req.headers.upgrade && req.headers.connection) &&
req.headers.upgrade.toLowerCase() === 'websocket' &&
req.headers.connection.toLowerCase() === 'upgrade') {
new miksagoConnection(miksagoServer.manager, miksagoServer.options, req, socket, head);
// A common connection handler
function handleConnection(connection) {
console.log((new Date()) + " Connection accepted.");
connection.addListener('message', function(wsMessage) {
var message = wsMessage;
// WebSocket-Node adds a "type", node-websocket-server does not
if (typeof wsMessage.type !== 'undefined') {
if (wsMessage.type !== 'utf8') {
message = wsMessage.utf8Data;
console.log("Received Message: " + message);
connection.addListener('close', function() {
console.log((new Date()) + " Peer " + connection.remoteAddress + " disconnected.");

nicokaiser commented Sep 15, 2011

Requiring the connection object from the node_modules directory is not nice, but it's the only solution I see for this...

dvv commented Sep 15, 2011


dvv commented Sep 15, 2011

I'd better reverse the direction of shim at L67 wsConnection.send = wsConnection.sendUTF; to be wsConnection.sendUTF = wsConnection.send; inside of fallback handler


nicokaiser commented Sep 15, 2011

@dvv: You are right, I changed the code.

Nice! Impressive bit of hackery. It's unfortunate that such things are necessary at the moment. :-/ Hopefully we can converge on something more universal soon. With the amount of complexity that's in the WebSocket protocol now, it's truly unfortunate that multiple drafts must be supported. It's a rather large maintenance undertaking: find a bug in the protocol layer and it'll likely need to be fixed in three or more copies of the same code, each targeting a different protocol draft. :-(

seawing commented Sep 23, 2011

i have a question, it is normal that a connexion with node-websocket kick all connexion with websocket-server? (i need this two websocket because of chrome update)
sorry for my bad english and if i don't post on the right place

I updated the README at to reference this gist. Hopefully others will find it helpful also.


nicokaiser commented Sep 30, 2011

@seawing What exactly do you mean? Connections for WebSocket-Node and nws should be possible side-by-side, whatever the clients wants.

toshirot commented Dec 1, 2011

I added the broadcast. I hope that iphone to be support the new protocol.

toshirot commented Dec 4, 2011

I forked:)
Best regards

Thanks, updated the README on the WebSocket-Node page.

Hey, thanks for this! If anyone's interested, I turned this code into a library that emulates the node-websocket-server API but under the hood uses whichever implementation is appropriate. Feel free to check it out here:

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