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Created Oct 10, 2012
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Patron singleton by Rafa.
class BecaEstudiante:
beca= None
cont= 0
def getBeca(cls,nombreBecado):
if cls.cont<5:
cls.beca= BecaEstudiante()
print("Beca creada socio",nombreBecado,"!")
print("No se creo la beca socio!")
return cls.beca
beca0= BecaEstudiante.getBeca("Nico")
beca1= BecaEstudiante.getBeca("Yisus")
beca2= BecaEstudiante.getBeca("Fuckencio")
beca3= BecaEstudiante.getBeca("Trollencio")
beca4= BecaEstudiante.getBeca("Fapencio")
beca5= BecaEstudiante.getBeca("Perrencio")
beca6= BecaEstudiante.getBeca("Putencia")
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