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Python development web server for Windows

Python development web server for Windows

This is a simple Python script to serve static files from any project directory, useful when doing web development.


Simply put and server.cmd in a directory, for instance C:\Users\YourName\bin and add that directory to your PATH.

Then in the console, cd to your project folder, type server and hit Enter (it will run on port 8000 by default, use server 5000 for example to change port). Use Ctrl+C to stop the server.

python "%~dp0\" %*
#!/usr/bin/env python
import SimpleHTTPServer
map = SimpleHTTPServer.SimpleHTTPRequestHandler.extensions_map
map[""] = "text/plain"
for key, value in map.items():
map[key] = value + ";charset=UTF-8"
except KeyboardInterrupt:
print "Exiting..."
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