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nilbus /
Last active Sep 15, 2019
Some Java basics for Rubyists
  1. Java uses static, declared typing:

    String hello = "Hello, World!";
    List<String> phrases = new ArrayList<String>;
    phrases.add(123); // Compile error! Not a string.
jofralogo / responsiveMixinsF4.sass
Last active Dec 15, 2015
Useful responsive SCSS mixins for Foundation 4.
View responsiveMixinsF4.sass
These simple SCSS/SASS mixins for Foundation 4 are made by me to deal with media-queries and have a clean code at the same time! ;)
Due to Foundation 4 uses mobile-first methodology, every $phone-"X" variable in these mixins defines the value for every screen size.
$desktop-"X" values overrides $phone-"X" values when the width of the window is 768px and above.
harlantwood / push_to_github.rb
Created Jun 15, 2012
Commit and push via Github REST API, from ruby RestClient
View push_to_github.rb
# Committing changes to a repo via the Github API is not entirely trivial.
# The five-step process is outlined here:
# Matt Swanson wrote a blog post translating the above steps into actual API calls:
# I was not able to find sample code for actually doing this in Ruby,
# either via the HTTP API or any of the gems that wrap the API.
# So in the hopes it will help others, here is a simple function to