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Last active December 20, 2015 07:18
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Helper class that helps you show RoboDialogFragments. You can use it with Roboguice and injected RoboDialogFragments. It is based on the DialogFragmentHelper class of the Github Android app.
* Dialog fragment helper
public abstract class DialogFragmentHelper extends RoboDialogFragment {
private static final String TAG = "dialog_fragment_helper";
* Show dialog
public static void show(FragmentActivity activity, RoboDialogFragment fragment, Bundle arguments) {
FragmentManager manager = activity.getSupportFragmentManager();
FragmentTransaction transaction = manager.beginTransaction();
Fragment current = manager.findFragmentByTag(TAG);
if (current != null) {
if(fragment.getArguments() == null) {
}else {
}, TAG);
To use simple inject a RoboDialogFragment and use it:
public class MyRoboFragment extends RoboFragment...
private ProgressDialogFragment progressDialog;
private void createProgressDialog(int resId) {
Bundle arguments = new Bundle();
arguments.putString(ProgressDialogFragment.MESSAGE, getString(resId));, progressDialog, arguments);
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