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Nicolas Kopp nicolaskopp

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nicolaskopp / DaVinci Resolve DPI
Last active May 30, 2022 14:27
How to fix the DaVinci Resolve DPI Scaling Problem / blurry fonts on Windows
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How to fix the DaVinci Resolve DPI Scaling Problem / blurry fonts on Windows

Using a High-DPI monitor with high resolutions such as 3840px and above, you may have noticed that DaVinci Resolve does not really care about Windows system scaling settings.

You may have also tried to force override DPI handling in the shortcut properties, which kind of works, but makes fonts blurry.

Here his how to fix DaVinci Resolve High DPI scaling to respect your windows settings without blurry fonts

Edit the shortcut target of DaVinci Resolve to use this:

nicolaskopp / ios-fixed-scrolling-fix.css
Last active May 28, 2023 17:21
Fix scrolling bug on iOS Safari with fixed elements and bottom bar
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body.noscroll {
height: 100%;
overflow: hidden; /* make sure iOS does not try to scroll the body first */
/* your wrapper, most likely mobile menu */
.fixed-wrapper {
width: 100%;
position: fixed;
top: 0px; /* adding px unit also seems to be important for whatever reason, albeit I think we all concur that this should be unitless */
nicolaskopp /
Last active June 1, 2021 15:07
Docker: "Cannot start service monitor: hcsshim" solution

If you are running docker in Bootcamp on an Intel-based Macbook, what this error is trying to tell you is that Virtualization features are not enabled. To enable Virtualization features inside Windows 10 in Bootcamp:

  1. Boot into Mac OS. Virtualization is automatically enabled if you boot up Mac OS.
  2. From there reboot into Windows without turning the Machine off.

Virtualization features will now also be available in Windows 10 and docker should work again.

nicolaskopp /
Last active May 4, 2023 00:37
How to delete `C:\ProgramData\Docker` and fixing "Access denied" errors

Still an issue in March 2023. Welcome to the future of web development. Take this Gist to rest and calm down.

Here is how to delete C:\ProgramData\Docker.

  1. Uninstall docker the normal way (yeah you may have already done that)
  2. Copy this:
    # Leave swarm mode (this will automatically stop and remove services and overlay networks)
 docker swarm leave --force