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every message recorded on the Secret Dunny Box
this is a very cool message for whoever's coming next I hope you have a great day
I love disco who is my cat
blah blah blah cool
can you hear me okay
love eating corn
I love you
Nicole is the best
potatoes potatoes potatoes and cheese
somber lecture on the future of coral reefs change the future of Alexis Rosenfeld in Alexi fell off the 2016 lecture focusing on the need for Coral ecological restoration resonated so deeply that it prompted mr. Rosenfeld a veteran underwater photographer and miss valois a journalist in France to spend the next two years exploring the problems facing these endangered Marine colonies
what is a dunny
I love to eat pizza
olive oil is tasty
this girl is my favorite cat
cool cool Raspberry Pi
perioral project okay
I'm drinking Tangerine flavored LaCroix
I love pizza
this is really cool I love my cat Disco
does this work okay
candy candy candy
go is the best cat ever
this is a super Bazaar and I need to water my plants okay goodbye
I hope that you have a great life no matter what
I just love to eat cake and pie and pizza all day
I wish you the best of luck whoever you are
I just love to eat cake and hamburgers
I hope that you have a great time doing whatever you want to do in life
make sure you drink enough water
this is a cool test
blah blah blah blah blah
video games is spelled with a space
test test test does this work
I think the last guy who left a message is really smart and amazing
I agree with the last guy tote
simon jawga feel really luxating messages for this machine
hello will you break
oh my butt my big butt
my name is Jake Strasser
I like it slow and Woody
I don't think I was supposed to shit in here
yes I have a message this is weed
I hope you have a lovely day
everyone dies
hello this is a secret message to you well anyways
we going to have a bad day
the light is flashing
I feel like this could be rubbing Yang's next game
Nicole head cold if you're up for a good time with computers
I love you very much have a lovely evening
hello this is Chad just wishing you a lovely and delightful day take care
may you have a great day
hope you enjoy your poop
always look back and inspect and clean
hello I just wanted to say hello thank you
you are super duper
I really have to take a shit right now
I love to eat cookies
432 Lyell
don't drink the Paleo it's really boring on top
is it going to work this time
okay let's see if it works this time
remember to wash your hands
color precious angel you need to know that you are a perfect being in the world is lucky to have you in it
don't forget to drink the beer
you're a beautiful person
hello you're the best goodbye
you're a beautiful person
blah blah blah blah
hello hello hello hello hello hello hello will you hear this message okay bye bye
I think you're wonderful person and you're going to do really good things with your life I have high hopes for you I wish you the best of luck
you're beautiful
hi I just wanted to touch base make sure that you were having a fun and safe night stress on safe I'm sure you are at the store
you are a wonderful person
if Jonathan rubalcava comes back into this by he is going to be hit in the face
up the big red rooster and drink more piss
drink more piss
for a good time call Stewart [REDACTED PHONE NUMBER]
my hands weren't clean when I touch this button
you're a wonderful person
you're a beautiful wonderful person and I think you're going to have a great life
work is a child
they say Savage why you gotta 12-car garage and only got 6 cars in it
the next person is getting annoyed that I am taking so long recording this message
I hope you have a wonderful life
this is a lot of pressure
a secret dummy box loves you
I think Nicole he is really cool and I hope she keeps a log of all these messages
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