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Follow line by line the output of a subprocess.
require 'timeout'
cmd = [
'sleep 3 ; echo "toto" ; sleep 3 ; echo "toto"',
'find /*',
'find /tmp'
output, input = IO.pipe
pid = spawn(cmd[2], out: input)
loop do
# Do not wait more than 2 seconds for an input, the process could be exited
Timeout::timeout(2) do
# Read one line at a time continuously
loop do
chunck = output.readline
puts "Line received: #{chunck}"
end rescue nil
# Check if the process is still alive
break if Process.waitpid(pid, Process::WNOHANG)
# Read the rest of the output (just in case)
# You should also choose a better suited number than 100000 depending on your command
remaining_chunck = output.read_nonblock(100000) rescue nil
puts "Remaining lines: #{remaining_chunck}" if remaining_chunck
# Display a nice message to the user
exit_status = $?
puts "The command and was #{exit_status.success? ? '' : 'not '}a success"
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