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Created January 20, 2016 23:23
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Python decorators with nested functions
def without_params(func):
Outer function takes target function and returns a wrapped one.
def _without_params(*args, **kwargs):
Inner function takes target arguments and makes the call.
return func("Never gonna run around")
return _without_params
def with_params(val):
If you need to take params, it's the same but wrapped in another function.
This one takes the decorator parameters and returns a doubly wrapped function.
def _with_params(func):
def __with_params(*args, **kwargs):
return func(val)
return __with_params
return _with_params
def a(text):
print text
@with_params("and desert you!")
def b(text):
print text
if __name__ == "__main__":
a(2, 3)
b("fizz bang")
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Why does it only have to be nested functions? Isn't there any other way of implementing it?

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