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LaTeX letter template. See for more information.
\documentclass[foldmarks=false, backaddress=false, fromemail, fromlogo, fromrule]{scrlttr2}
% Fonts can be customized here.
\setmainfont{TeX Gyre Pagella}
\setmathfont{TeX Gyre Pagella Math}[Scale=MatchLowercase]
% Your information.
\setkomavar{fromname}{Your Name}
\setkomavar{fromaddress}{University of Somewhere\\12345 Main Road\\Pallet Town}
\setkomavar{place}{Your Location} % The city in which you write the letter.
% \setkomavar{date}{...} % default: current date.
% If you wish to sign your letter by hand, remove the following two commands.
\setplength{sigbeforevskip}{0pt} % removes the space reserved for a handwritten signature
\setkomavar{signature}{\includegraphics[height=2cm]{signature}\\Your Name} % inserts the picture of the signature and your name
% The recipient's information.
\begin{letter}{Prof. Recipient\\University of Elsewhere\\...more address info...}
\setkomavar{subject}{Subject of the letter} % optional
\opening{Dear ...,}
This is an extremely interesting letter. Please read it!
\closing{Best regards,}
% You can include multiple \begin{letter} ... \end{letter} blocks in a single file.
% This will produce multiple letters with the same sender information.
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