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from PIL import Image, ImageFilter
def imageprepare(argv):
This function returns the pixel values.
The imput is a png file location.
im ='L')
width = float(im.size[0])
height = float(im.size[1])
newImage ='L', (28, 28), (255)) #creates white canvas of 28x28 pixels
if width > height: #check which dimension is bigger
#Width is bigger. Width becomes 20 pixels.
nheight = int(round((20.0/width*height),0)) #resize height according to ratio width
if (nheigth == 0): #rare case but minimum is 1 pixel
nheigth = 1
# resize and sharpen
img = im.resize((20,nheight), Image.ANTIALIAS).filter(ImageFilter.SHARPEN)
wtop = int(round(((28 - nheight)/2),0)) #caculate horizontal pozition
newImage.paste(img, (4, wtop)) #paste resized image on white canvas
#Height is bigger. Heigth becomes 20 pixels.
nwidth = int(round((20.0/height*width),0)) #resize width according to ratio height
if (nwidth == 0): #rare case but minimum is 1 pixel
nwidth = 1
# resize and sharpen
img = im.resize((nwidth,20), Image.ANTIALIAS).filter(ImageFilter.SHARPEN)
wleft = int(round(((28 - nwidth)/2),0)) #caculate vertical pozition
newImage.paste(img, (wleft, 4)) #paste resized image on white canvas"sample.png")
tv = list(newImage.getdata()) #get pixel values
#normalize pixels to 0 and 1. 0 is pure white, 1 is pure black.
tva = [ (255-x)*1.0/255.0 for x in tv]
return tva
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mohamedazaddou commented Jan 4, 2017

nheight instead of nheigth in line 16

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