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Python script for copying database file from android devices. Works only with debuggable apps since no other process has permission to access files stored in private storage of an app.
import sys
import subprocess
import re
# Created by @nieldeokar on 25/05/2018.
# 1. Python script which will copy database file of debuggable apps from the android device to your computer using ADB.
# 2. This script ask for PackageName and DatabaseName at runtime.
# 3. You can make it static by passing -d at as command line argument while running script and setting defaults in following way.
# 4. Edit script and change the values of varialbe packageName and dbName to debuggable app package name and database name then
# run script as : python -d
useDefaults = False
def checkIfPackageInstalled(strSelectedDevice) :
packageName = 'com.nileshdeokar.healthapp.debug'
dbName = 'healthapp.db'
if not useDefaults :
print('Please enter package name : ')
packageName = raw_input()
packageString = 'package:'+packageName
adbCheckIfPackageInstalledOutput = subprocess.check_output('adb -s ' + strSelectedDevice + ' shell pm list packages | grep -x '+ packageString, shell=True)
except subprocess.CalledProcessError as e:
print "Package not found"
if packageString.strip() == adbCheckIfPackageInstalledOutput.strip() :
if not useDefaults :
print('Please enter db name : ')
dbName = raw_input()
adbCopyDbString = 'adb -s '+strSelectedDevice + ' -d shell \"run-as '+packageName+' cat /data/data/'+packageName+'/databases/'+ dbName +'\" > '+dbName
copyDbOp = subprocess.check_output(adbCopyDbString,shell=True)
except subprocess.CalledProcessError as e:
if "is not debuggable" in copyDbOp :
print packageString + 'is nto debuggable'
if copyDbOp.strip() == "":
print 'Successfully copied '+dbName + ' in current directory'
else :
print 'Package is not installed on the device'
defaultString = "-d"
if len(sys.argv[1:]) > 0 and sys.argv[1] == defaultString :
useDefaults = True
listDevicesOutput = subprocess.check_output("adb devices", shell=True)
listDevicesOutput = listDevicesOutput.replace("List of devices attached"," ").replace("\n","").replace("\t","").replace("\n\n","")
numberofDevices = len(re.findall(r'device+', listDevicesOutput))
connectedDevicesArray = listDevicesOutput.split("device")
del connectedDevicesArray[-1]
strSelectedDevice = ''
if(numberofDevices > 1) :
print('Please select the device : \n'),
for idx, device in enumerate(connectedDevicesArray):
print idx+1,device
selectedDevice = raw_input()
if selectedDevice.isdigit() :
intSelected = int(selectedDevice)
if 1 <= intSelected <= len(connectedDevicesArray) :
print 'Selected device is : ',connectedDevicesArray[intSelected-1]
else :
print 'Please select in range'
else :
print 'Not valid input'
elif numberofDevices == 1 :
elif numberofDevices == 0 :
print("No device is attached")
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