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Example of RSA generation, sign, verify, encryption, decryption and keystores in Java
import javax.crypto.Cipher;
import java.util.Base64;
import static java.nio.charset.StandardCharsets.UTF_8;
public class RsaExample {
public static KeyPair generateKeyPair() throws Exception {
KeyPairGenerator generator = KeyPairGenerator.getInstance("RSA");
generator.initialize(2048, new SecureRandom());
KeyPair pair = generator.generateKeyPair();
return pair;
public static KeyPair getKeyPairFromKeyStore() throws Exception {
//Generated with:
// keytool -genkeypair -alias mykey -storepass s3cr3t -keypass s3cr3t -keyalg RSA -keystore keystore.jks
InputStream ins = RsaExample.class.getResourceAsStream("/keystore.jks");
KeyStore keyStore = KeyStore.getInstance("JCEKS");
keyStore.load(ins, "s3cr3t".toCharArray()); //Keystore password
KeyStore.PasswordProtection keyPassword = //Key password
new KeyStore.PasswordProtection("s3cr3t".toCharArray());
KeyStore.PrivateKeyEntry privateKeyEntry = (KeyStore.PrivateKeyEntry) keyStore.getEntry("mykey", keyPassword); cert = keyStore.getCertificate("mykey");
PublicKey publicKey = cert.getPublicKey();
PrivateKey privateKey = privateKeyEntry.getPrivateKey();
return new KeyPair(publicKey, privateKey);
public static String encrypt(String plainText, PublicKey publicKey) throws Exception {
Cipher encryptCipher = Cipher.getInstance("RSA");
encryptCipher.init(Cipher.ENCRYPT_MODE, publicKey);
byte[] cipherText = encryptCipher.doFinal(plainText.getBytes(UTF_8));
return Base64.getEncoder().encodeToString(cipherText);
public static String decrypt(String cipherText, PrivateKey privateKey) throws Exception {
byte[] bytes = Base64.getDecoder().decode(cipherText);
Cipher decriptCipher = Cipher.getInstance("RSA");
decriptCipher.init(Cipher.DECRYPT_MODE, privateKey);
return new String(decriptCipher.doFinal(bytes), UTF_8);
public static String sign(String plainText, PrivateKey privateKey) throws Exception {
Signature privateSignature = Signature.getInstance("SHA256withRSA");
byte[] signature = privateSignature.sign();
return Base64.getEncoder().encodeToString(signature);
public static boolean verify(String plainText, String signature, PublicKey publicKey) throws Exception {
Signature publicSignature = Signature.getInstance("SHA256withRSA");
byte[] signatureBytes = Base64.getDecoder().decode(signature);
return publicSignature.verify(signatureBytes);
public static void main(String... argv) throws Exception {
//First generate a public/private key pair
KeyPair pair = generateKeyPair();
//KeyPair pair = getKeyPairFromKeyStore();
//Our secret message
String message = "the answer to life the universe and everything";
//Encrypt the message
String cipherText = encrypt(message, pair.getPublic());
//Now decrypt it
String decipheredMessage = decrypt(cipherText, pair.getPrivate());
//Let's sign our message
String signature = sign("foobar", pair.getPrivate());
//Let's check the signature
boolean isCorrect = verify("foobar", signature, pair.getPublic());
System.out.println("Signature correct: " + isCorrect);
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abdabughazaleh commented Oct 17, 2019

It's good thank you so much , How can i create base64 like jwt (header,body,sign) ?

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stdunbar commented Nov 26, 2019

Thanks for the code. One issue - using openjdk version "11.0.5-ea" 2019-10-15 requires the KeyStore.getInstance("JCEKS") code to be KeyStore.getInstance("PKCS12").

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sopanlavhale commented Dec 29, 2019

@stdunbar: It depends on your keyStore creation.

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bhaveshf-cuelogic commented Jun 14, 2020

Linking back to OP for reference :

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difafebri commented Jan 5, 2021

thank you so much for this and your article.. it helped me understand a bit more abt how RSA works

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Simon-Str commented Jan 17, 2021

Thank you so much! I needed that for my uni project and you were the only one loading it from a Keystore :)

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acuna-public commented Apr 3, 2021

Thank you, but what is generateKeyPair(), does it using for test purposes for not to use the Kestore?

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jokanovicc commented May 28, 2021

Intellij can't find .jks file-gives Null but in Eclipse it works well.
Any idea or solution?

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