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Working from home
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phynet / map-reduce-filter-flatMap.swift
Created March 19, 2017 16:54
Examples for flatMap, Map, Reduce, Filter in Swift
//Use reduce to combine all items in a collection to create a single new value.
let numbers = [1, 3, 5, 7, 9]
//sum all values from the array (+)
let result = numbers.reduce(0, +)
//sum all values from the array (+) plus one
let result2 = numbers.reduce(1, +)
let result3 = numbers.reduce(1, *)
iamatypeofwalrus /
Last active January 22, 2024 11:18
Create an iPython HTML Notebook on Amazon's AWS Free Tier from scratch.


Roll your own iPython Notebook server with Amazon Web Services (EC2) using their Free Tier.

What are we using? What do you need?

  • An active AWS account. First time sign-ups are eligible for the free tier for a year
  • One Micro Tier EC2 Instance
  • With AWS we will use the stock Ubuntu Server AMI and customize it.
  • Anaconda for Python.
  • Coffee/Beer/Time