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Install NVM, Node.js, Yarn via Homebrew

Install NVM, NodeJS, Yarn via Homebrew


  • Homebrew should be installed (Command line tools for Xcode are included).

Getting start

Install NVM and NodeJS

  1. Install nvm via Homebrew

    $ brew install nvm

  2. Create system directory for nvm

    $ mkdir ~/.nvm

  3. Add following line to your profile. (.profile or .zshrc or .zprofile)

      # NVM
      export NVM_DIR=~/.nvm
      source $(brew --prefix nvm)/
  4. Close and open your terminal again. Or Choose one from the following command once for reload your profile. (.profile or .zshrc or .zprofile)


    • $ source ~/.profile
    • $ source ~/.zshrc
    • $ source ~/.zprofile
  5. Verify nvm is installed

    $ nvm -v

  6. Check all avaliable version by this command

    $ nvm ls-remote

  7. Install NodeJS (Recommended to install LTS version. Current LTS is 8.10.0)

    $ nvm install 8.10.0

  8. Check installed NodeJS in your machine.

    $ nvm ls

  9. Set global nodejs version to environment.

    $ nvm use default

See more about nvm :

Install Yarn

  1. Install yarn via Homebrew without node dependencies

    $ brew install yarn --ignore-dependencies

  2. Checkout node in environment $PATH

    $ which node

    It should be return => /User/<your's-user-name>/.nvm/versions/node/8.10.0/bin/node

  3. Checkout brew doctor there should show message WARNING missing yarn dependencies

    $ brew doctor

  4. Create symbol link from nvm for Homebrew

    $ ln -s ~/.nvm/versions/node/ /usr/local/Cellar/

    ** Note : If you installed multiple node versions via nvm. You should create symbol link by current global version. Following this commands **

    $ nvm current => v8.10.0

    $ mkdir /usr/local/Cellar/node

    $ ln -s ~/.nvm/versions/node/8.10.0/ /usr/local/Cellar/node

  5. Checkout brew doctor again. There shouldn't have WARNING message.

    $ brew doctor

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