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Last active December 15, 2015 20:59
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repost of my comment on Facebook here:

for those that don't have permission to view it.

I'll go on the record in this thread to say that I lived in the same house as Arrington for the entire time he dated Jenn. I never once saw even a hint of physical abuse, let alone rape or any of the other things that have been suggested. He broke off the relationship and she was extremely attached to him and jealous of his new relationships. I have screen shots of previous Facebook posts Jenn has made where she has aired dirty laundry. She deleted at least one of those messages. Every time I have spoken to and caught up with Mike in the past few years he has mentioned the ongoing problem he has with her. I won't go into the details of what he told me, but I will say that I am very very skeptical of the post she made. Infact, when she made the post I immediately took a screenshot of it and emailed it to mike with a subject of 'not again..' - I screenshot it because I immediately assumed that she would delete it again. Instead she took the allegations even further in a public forum.

I also know for a fact that the allegation Feldman makes in his video about breaking up his friendship with Arrington because of the rumors is 100% untrue. The reason Feldman broke off his relationship with Arrington is because Mike pulled out of keynote speaking at Feldman's conference in New York in 2009. I was in the room while Mike and Loren were on the phone and heard both ends of the conversation, I know for a fact that they never spoke again after that phone call. For Loren to come out now and take the high road and claim that he broke up his friendship with Mike because of the 'rumors' (which didn't exist at the time, least that I knew) is complete bull.

There are also a number of lies and exaggerations in other public statements made by other people, that I know first-hand to not be true.

Mike is a very abrasive and divisive figure. I don't think he has a single relationship in his life (including with myself) that hasn't been through bad periods, but that doesn't mean these allegations are true. It does mean that any story that portrays him poorly will always have figures that will pile on against him. This is exactly what both Feldman and Calacanis have done.

As for the original allegation, I have already has a number of other people who are or were close to Mike and knew and understood the dynamics of the relationship with Jenn express skepticism and surprise at the allegations. To be clear, the absolute first time i've heard of any rumor of physical abuse or worse was when the original Facebook message was posted and when Gawker ran its story. If there really was a rumor i'm sure that I would have heard it, or seen some evidence of it.

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