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nikhilw /
Last active Mar 9, 2018
Create amazon prime music desktop player for Linux
# You need
# 1. nativefier installed, install it as: npm install -g nativefier
# 2. a logo for your app, download and place locally as logo.png
#! /bin/sh
nativefier --name "Amazon music" --inject ./user-agent-switch.js --icon ./logo.png
nikhilw /
Last active Jan 7, 2019
Toggle mic on-off on a Ubuntu / Linux Mint machine with a keyboard shortcut
#! /bin/sh
# static icon, easier to set as a bash alias or directly use as a single command instead of creating a script file.
amixer set Capture toggle | gawk 'match($0, /Front Left.*\[(.*)\]/, a) {print a[1]}' | xargs notify-send --hint=int:transient:1 -i "audio-input-microphone" "Mic switched: $1"
nikhilw /
Last active Jan 5, 2018
This script loads aws cli profile configure as aws environment configuration
#! /bin/sh
# aws cli works with both: environment variables and values configured with `aws configure`.
# If our own script come to use env variables, like in case where we need to guess the url of a ECR reposiroty,
# there is hardly any support to load the profile values into environment.
# This script does just that!
set -e
#echo $profile
nikhilw / scrollCloudwatch.js
Last active Dec 26, 2017
Scroll AWS cloudwatch logs up, when search is not enough: a js script that runs scroll for given number of times
View scrollCloudwatch.js
function scrollLogUp(times, currVal) {
currVal = currVal || 0;
if (times > currVal) {
scrollLogUp.timer = setTimeout(function() {
document.getElementsByClassName("cwdb-log-viewer-table-body")[0].scrollTop = 0;
scrollLogUp(times, ++currVal);
}, 1000);
} else {
nikhilw / commit-msg
Last active Oct 5, 2019
git commit hook using node to ensure commit message follows a convention
View commit-msg
#!/usr/bin/env node
// 1. This is one of the two implementation, if you do not have 'node' installed, there is a 'scala' counterpart.
// 2. To use this file, place it in .git/hooks/ in your repository.
// 3. You can also use this script to along with 'husky' npm module.
var fs = require("fs");
console.log("INFO: Validating git commit message.......");
var msg = fs.readFileSync(process.argv[2] || process.env.GIT_PARAMS || process.env.HUSKY_GIT_PARAMS, "utf8").replace(/\n/g, " ").substr(0, 50);
nikhilw /
Last active Oct 15, 2018
docker Jenkins reusable container
#! /bin/bash
# When running for first time, have empty directories; skip the setup by unchecking all plugins, etc.
# then shutdown jenkins, add old files and restart.
# If it fails, make sure the directory docker-volumes/jenkins and all its children are owned by same user, owner of the docker process.
# Or just chown -R on the jenkins directory.
docker run -it --name jenkins --network="permanet" --ip="" \
-v /home/nikhil/.m2:/var/jenkins_home/.m2 \
-v /home/nikhil/.gradle:/var/jenkins_home/.gradle \
-v /home/nikhil/.npm:/var/jenkins_home/.npm \
nikhilw /
Last active Mar 3, 2017
Kill all open connections to a mysql server
#! /bin/bash
mysql -u root -proot -e "select id from information_schema.processlist;" | grep -e [0-9] | while read in; do mysql -u root -proot -e "kill $in"; done
echo "verify"
mysql -u root -proot -e "select count(id )from information_schema.processlist;"
View jq.plugin.asynceach.js
(function($, window, undefined) {
function AsyncEachHandler(arr, it, done) {
var defs = [];
$.each(arr, function(i, item) {
var def = new $.Deferred();
it(item, function(err) {
console.log("in here")
nikhilw / parseAndLog.js
Created Aug 20, 2015
List all apps on a google play store page that are cheaper than a defined price
View parseAndLog.js
$(".display-price").each(function(i, app) {
if (parseInt($(app).text().replace(/Rs\.\s/gi, "")) < 50) {
var appDetails = $(app).parents(".details").find(".title");
if (appDetails.attr("title")) {
console.log(appDetails.attr("title") + ":" + appDetails.attr("href"))
// Or even:
nikhilw / gist:b07c320e18160ee3d65f
Created Mar 12, 2015
List all event listeners on all elements in the currently loaded page.
View gist:b07c320e18160ee3d65f
jQuery("*").each(function(i, e) {var listeners = jQuery._data(e, "events"); if (listeners){console.log(e); console.log(listeners)}})
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