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How to install FiraCode font on Linux
mkdir -p ~/.local/share/fonts
for type in Bold Light Medium Regular Retina; do wget -O ~/.local/share/fonts/FiraCode-$type.ttf "$type.ttf?raw=true"; done
fc-cache -f
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paesku commented Mar 30, 2019

Thank you!

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michaelryans commented Apr 2, 2019

thank you!

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ealipio commented Apr 6, 2019

it works! thanks man

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dibmartins commented Apr 9, 2019

nice! thank you!

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MarcosSantosDev commented Jun 6, 2019

Very simple! thank you.

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CeruttiMaicon commented Sep 11, 2019

nice! thank you!

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JoelSpinelli commented Dec 16, 2019

Thank you!

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hiroyalty commented Jan 8, 2020

Thank you

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iamclement1 commented Feb 8, 2020


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jdromero88 commented Feb 28, 2020

Thank you!!!

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JaveedIshaq commented Apr 23, 2020


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tranqhuy46 commented Apr 26, 2020

Thank you ! Love this FiraCode Retina font

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G33kNoob commented May 16, 2020

thanks simple and save my day

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Shiyinq commented Jul 8, 2020

Thank You

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jackming2271 commented Sep 10, 2020


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satyrvs commented Dec 8, 2020


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Miltonr87 commented Jan 5, 2021

Thanks for the script! Helps a lot!

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jaketripp commented Feb 10, 2021

Thanks so much! My eyes are so much happier 😭

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achillar commented Mar 8, 2021


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marquespedro commented Mar 19, 2021


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lucatsf commented Apr 21, 2021


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docteurcode commented May 30, 2021

thanks man !

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AnthoniG commented Jun 5, 2021

Thanks. Works perfectly in mint

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johnatan-etges commented Jul 18, 2021

Tank you! works fine.

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miozus commented Aug 2, 2021


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mattrighetti commented Aug 18, 2021

sudo apt install fonts-firacode should do the work on Ubuntu

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slinkardbrandon commented Oct 16, 2021

Seems like this doesn't work anymore, getting 404s on the specified url

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gglachant commented Nov 30, 2021

Font files have been deleted from the official repository.

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blessedmadukoma commented Dec 11, 2021

sudo apt install fonts-firacode this works on linux mint

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magictomagic commented Jun 30, 2022

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