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List of new features in PHP 5.5

New features in PHP 5.5

This is only a summary. For a full list of changes see the NEWS file.

Feature RFC / announcement Author
Bundled ZendOptimizer+ as OPcache zeev
Language changes
Generators and coroutines me
finally blocks laruence
Non-scalar Iterator keys in foreach me
Getting the fully qualified class name using ClassName::class ralph
Function calls in empty() me
list() in foreach laruence
Constant array/string dereferencing laruence
Standard library
Simplified password hashing API ircmaxell
hash_pbkdf2() function ircmaxell
array_column() function ramsey
cli_set_process_title() function kgovande
UConverter class (ext/intl) pollita
IntlCalendar class (ext/intl) cataphrac
IntlBreakIterator class (ext/intl) cataphrac
DateTimeImmutable class (immutable variant of DateTime) (none) derick
Deprecations and removals
Dropped Windows XP and 2003 support (none) pierre
ext/mysql deprecated aharvey
preg_replace /e modifier deprecated me
Logo GUIDs removed ajf
curlwrappers removed (not ext/curl itself!) pierrick

List I use when pasting to other places (without table support):


 * Bundled ZendOptimizer+ as OPcache ( by zeev)

Language changes:

 * Generators and coroutines ( by me)
 * `finally` blocks ( by laruence)
 * Non-scalar Iterator keys in foreach ( by me)
 * Getting the fully qualified class name using `ClassName::class` ( by ralph)
 * Function calls in `empty()` ( by me)
 * `list()` in foreach ( by laruence)
 * Constant array/string dereferencing ( by laruence)

Standard library:

 * Simplified password hashing API ( by ircmaxell)
 * `hash_pbkdf2()` function ( by ircmaxell)
 * `array_column()` function ( by ramsey)
 * `cli_set_process_title()` function ( by kgovande)
 * `UConverter` class in ext/intl ( by pollita)
 * `IntlCalendar` class in ext/intl ( by cataphrac)
 * `IntlBreakIterator` class in ext/intl ( cataphrac)
 * `DateTimeImmutable` class, which is an immutable variant of `DateTime` (by derick)

Deprecations and removals:

 * Dropped Windows XP and 2003 support (by pierre)
 * ext/mysql deprecated ( by aharvey)
 * preg_replace `/e` modifier deprecated ( by me)
 * Logo GUIDs removed ( by ajf)
 * curlwrappers removed ( by pierrick)
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Thanks, this is super helpful.

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kotnik commented Mar 21, 2013

For a full list of changes and bugfixes one should go here.

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Thank you.

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Likewise. Additionally, I have been using a bcrypt implementation for a while now and it is nice to see it integrated.

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Jahak commented Jun 30, 2013

Thank you

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God bless

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