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Created May 1, 2013
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Sample Git update hook that deploys the changed files to the web root.
import logging
import git
import sys
import os
def main():
Update all files according to a diff.
# Configure logging.
logger = logging.getLogger()
formatter = logging.Formatter('%(levelname)s: %(message)s')
ch = logging.StreamHandler(sys.stdout)
# Start.'Starting update hook.')
repo = git.Repo()
# Check arguments.
logging.debug('Arguments: %s', sys.argv)
assert len(sys.argv) == 4
if sys.argv[2] == '0000000000000000000000000000000000000000':
sys.argv[2] = repo.git.hash_object('-w', '-t', 'tree', os.devnull)
if sys.argv[3] == '0000000000000000000000000000000000000000':
sys.argv[3] = repo.git.hash_object('-w', '-t', 'tree', os.devnull)
# Iterate over the diff.
assert repo.bare == True
diff = repo.git.diff('--name-status', sys.argv[2], sys.argv[3])
tree = repo.commit(sys.argv[3]).tree
for line in diff.split("\n"):
if not line: continue
status, file = line.split("\t", 1)
assert status in ['A', 'D', 'M']
target = get_target(file)
logging.debug('%s %s -> %s', status, file, target)
if target:
if status == 'D':
# Unlink file.
os.unlink(target)'Deleted %s', target)
# Remove parent dirs.
os.removedirs(os.path.dirname(target))'Cleaned away parent of %s', target)
except OSError:
logging.debug('Did not clean away parent of %s', target)
# Create directories.
node = tree[file]
assert isinstance(node, git.Blob)
if status == 'A':
os.makedirs(os.path.dirname(target))'Created directory for %s', target)
except OSError:
logging.debug('Did not create directory for %s', target)
# Write blob.
node.stream_data(open(target, 'w'))'Wrote %s', target)
else:'Ignored %s', target)
# Done.'update hook finished.')
def get_target(file):
Returns the target by a given filename.
splitpath = file.split(os.sep)
if splitpath[0] in ['www', 'local', 'tools', 'data']:
return os.path.join('/var', file)
return False
if __name__ == "__main__":
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