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Last active Jun 2, 2019

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Migration Plan

Auth ~ 1-2 weeks


  • Base logic ~ 1 week
  • Controllers/Views/Mailers ~ 1 week



Guardian - Last commit was 10 days ago. Should work.


It has full list of required hooks including revoke and refresh methods. Also we can build 2 auth systems.

  • Cookie based for Web
  • JWT based for API.

User will store JWT token in Session and/or Cookie. Also I’ve worked with it and I have a tutorial with explanation how to work with it.



Uberauth - Last commit was 1 year ago. Should work.


Looks like we don’t have another choice. We’ll try to use it. If it don’t work, we’ll fork and fix it or write logic in app without it.

Support libs

Devise modules integration

  • database_authenticatable - No problem.
  • registerable - No problem.
  • recoverable - No problem.
  • rememberable - No problem. Guardian supports this.
  • trackable - No problem. IP address(last/current), Login timestamps(last/current) and Sign in counter.
  • validatable - No problem. Standard changeset validations.
  • confirmable - No problem.
  • omniauthable - Uberauth + Support libs.
  • masqueradable - Looks like it's simple functionality. We need to add two routes(login_as, logout_as), check if user admin and add one more user resource to server session.



  • Stripe base logic ~ 3-6 weeks
  • Stripe controllers and views ~ 1-2 weeks


Stripe for Elixir - Current working version 2018-02-28. Under active development. Last commit was yesterday.


At this moment hireclub_web is using stripe-rails(1.2.0) and stripe_event(1.7.0). Last working stripe version is for 2017 year. So stripity_stripe should cover all required functionality. We just need to implement all actions from app/actions/stripe_action and add webhooks routes.

Business logic

Profile settings:
    - subscribe
    - unsubscribe
    - view all cards
    - add card
    - remove card
    - view all payments

Related services

  • app/services/stripe_service.rb

Related models

  • app/models/payment.rb
  • app/models/customer.rb
  • app/models/invoice.rb
  • app/models/referral_reward.rb
  • app/models/appointment.rb
  • app/models/order.rb
  • app/models/payout.rb
  • app/models/card.rb
  • app/models/bank_account.rb
  • app/models/provider.rb
  • app/models/subscription.rb
  • app/models/plan.rb

Current Events

  • customer.subscription.created
  • customer.subscription.deleted
  • customer.subscription.updated
  • charge.succeeded
  • customer.source.created
  • customer.source.updated
  • account.updated
  • account.external_account.created
  • invoice.created
  • invoice.updated
  • invoice.payment_succeeded
  • customer.created
  • customer.updated



  • Base chat and relations ~ 1-2 weeks
  • Other functionality - ???

Related models

  • appointment.rb
  • appointment_category.rb
  • appointment_log.rb
  • appointment_message.rb
  • appointment_review.rb
  • appointment_type.rb
  • appointment_type_provider.rb
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