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Last active Feb 20, 2019

What would you like to do?

Some thoughts and themes I want to cover in the meta working group:

  • How to organize the rustc calendar?
    • Do we want one calendar? One per WG?
  • How to organize videos so people can find them?
    • YouTube playlist, chapter in rustc-guide?
    • How to make it easy to add them?
    • Some are specific to a WG, or even a few people...?
  • How to run "open-ended tasks"
    • rustc lecture series
    • triage
    • rustc "university"
  • Role of the steering meeting?
    • Maybe .. use for an in-depth discussion on some topic that comes up during the week?
    • Judge newer proposals?
    • Decide if the set of working groups should change?
    • When should we post agenda?
  • How should we get "inbound" prioritization requests?
    • e.g., if Embedded WG has something they want
    • or somebody has a cool idea and they want to talk about it
    • example: pipelined compilation
    • maybe steering meeting?
  • Expert list
    • where to post, how to maintain
  • Journeypeople
    • Criteria for membership?
    • Equivalent to r+ rights?
    • "Expiration" after some time?
    • How to actually make this a helpful concept?
  • Managing the mundane
    • it'd be nice if just adding somebody in one place did all the things
    • maybe sync up with pietroalbini
    • but to start -- what ARE all the things?
      • github teams
      • zulip user group aliases
      • ..?
  • Working Group template
    • I've created and a few other files
    • Do we want more?
  • Design documents
    • how can we encourage more up-front doc and design?
    • (how much is too much?)
    • case study: pipelined compilation
    • case study: parallel rustc
    • how to integrate into rustc-guide?
  • API Docs
    • Working group for this?
  • Assessing Progress
    • Can we encourage WGs in their regular triage sync to set achievable goals each triage meeting
    • If not, why not?
    • Goal: leave check-in meeting feeling energized, with a clear idea of next steps
  • Async vs sync communication
    • Which is really easier?
    • In particular, hard to make decisions over async
    • Also, for people (like me) with too many commitments, sometimes hard to keep up
    • Sync can help throttle the volume, encourage congeniality and cooperation
    • But: time zones
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