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 Running `target/debug/crater-cli report comparison 10de8826cd583d61171c118426fe8e9c73a59f2d 8dae67a2499cb6f538077f03fdfb5b256d124223`

Regression report 10de8826cd583d61171c118426fe8e9c73a59f2d vs. 8dae67a2499cb6f538077f03fdfb5b256d124223

  • From: 10de8826cd583d61171c118426fe8e9c73a59f2d
  • To: 8dae67a2499cb6f538077f03fdfb5b256d124223


  • 4024 crates tested: 2687 working / 1291 broken / 6 regressed / 0 fixed / 40 unknown.


  • There are 6 root regressions
  • There are 6 regressions

Root regressions, sorted by rank:

Non-root regressions, sorted by rank:

Broken, sorted by rank:

Fixed, sorted by rank:

Working, sorted by rank: