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Last active June 7, 2016 17:17
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spaces in macro and boost::icl
Encountered while building with FASTbuild cache on a library using boost::icl
See element_iterator.hpp and ICL_INTERVAL_TYPE.
FASTbuild uses cl.exe -P to produce a pre-processed file. That file gets a const stitched onto it.
Steps to reproduce:
1- compile with cl.exe clmacro.cpp
2- compile with cl.exe -P -Ficlmacro.i.cpp clmacro.cpp && cl.exe clmacro.i.cpp
- 1 & 2 compile
- only 1 compiles
#define funny_type(__x) __x
// this fixes it in MSVC:
#define funny_type_guard
#define funny_type2(__x) __x funny_type_guard
int main(void)
funny_type(int)const a = 2; // cl.exe -P clmacro.cpp -> `intconst a`
funny_type2(int)const b = 4; // cl.exe -P clmacro.cpp -> `int const b`
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Does this happen with cl.exe -E, too?

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