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void* is special in C, C99, C11
* Local Variables:
* compile-command: "cc -Wall -Weverything -std=c11 voidstar.c -o ./voidstar && ./voidstar"
* End:
#include <stdio.h> // for printf
enum WorkType
// prototype (just to satisfy the absurd -Weverything)
void do_work(int work_type, void* work_data);
// implementation
void do_work(int work_type, void* work_data)
case WT_INT: {
// demonstrates void* is casted automatically to `int*`
int* pointer_to_int = work_data;
printf("got an int: %d\n", *pointer_to_int);
} break;
case WT_LSTRING: {
// demonstrates void* is casted automatically to `char const*`
char const* pointer_to_litteral = work_data;
printf("got a litteral string: %s\n", pointer_to_litteral);
} break;
int main()
int a_serious_integer = 42;
do_work(WT_INT, &a_serious_integer);
do_work(WT_LSTRING, "this is a literal string");
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Yeah, I mixed this with the __attribute((malloc)) thing, which is used for aliasing optimization.

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