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nilium/email.txt Secret

Created Mar 4, 2013
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Email sent to me requesting a review of Instant Sublime Text Starter. Placed here so folks know what exactly was asked of me.
Hi Neal [Note: they got my name wrong. This happens a lot.]
My name is Dyson D' Souza and I work for Packt Publishing, a UK-based
publishing company specializing in focused IT books. We have recently
published a book _Sublime Text Starter
<>_, and I was
wondering if you'd be interested in taking a look at the book and
sharing your comments on Amazon.
I'm contacting you because I'm aware that you share good knowledge in
the subject this book covers, and so believe that your comments would be
important for both consumers and readers alike. Please let me know if
you're interested so that I can send you the free review copy.
A few details about the book: composes of around 40 pages, use vintage
mode for those familiar with the Vi and VIM editors Explore the Goto
Anything features of Sublime Text 2, utilize multiple cursors to edit
your text in many locations at the same time, etc. For more information
please visit : _
Would be great to hear from you. Thank you.
Kind regards,
*Dyson D' Souza*
*Marketing Research Executive*| Packt Publishing | _www.PacktPub.com_
Email: [cut from source just for privacy's sake]
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