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Created August 17, 2011 21:54
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Extreme Startup with Clojure
(ns extreme-startup-clj.core
(:require compojure.handler)
(:use compojure.core)
(:use ring.adapter.jetty)
(:use clojure.contrib.lazy-seqs))
(declare do-answer)
(defn answer [question]
(let [q (.substring question 10)
answer (do-answer q)]
(do (println question ": " answer)
{:status 200,
:headers {"content-type" "text/plain"},
:body answer})))
(defn extract-numbers [q]
(let [number-strings (re-seq #"\d+" q)
numbers (map #(Integer/parseInt %) number-strings)]
(defn plus-answer [q]
(str (reduce + (extract-numbers q))))
(defn minus-answer [q]
(str (reduce - (extract-numbers q))))
(defn largest-answer [q]
(str (apply max (extract-numbers q))))
(defn multiplied-answer [q]
(str (reduce * (extract-numbers q))))
(defn primes-answer [q]
(let [numbers (extract-numbers q)
some-primes (set (take-while #(<= % (apply max numbers)) primes))
result (filter some-primes numbers)]
(apply str (interpose ", " result))))
(defn fib-answer [q]
(str (nth (fibs) (first (extract-numbers q)))))
(defn do-answer [q]
(.contains q "plus") (plus-answer q)
(.contains q "largest") (largest-answer q)
(.contains q "multiplied") (multiplied-answer q)
(.contains q "Eiffel") "Paris"
(.contains q "James Bond") "Sean Connery"
(.contains q "banana") "Yellow"
(.contains q "philosopher") "Thales of Miletus"
(.contains q "Spain") "Pesetas"
(.contains q "Germany") "Angela Merkel"
(.contains q "minus") (minus-answer q)
(.contains q "primes") (primes-answer q)
(.contains q "Fibo") (fib-answer q)))
(defroutes the-routes
(GET "/" [q] (answer q)))
(def application (compojure.handler/api the-routes))
(defonce server (run-jetty #'application {:port 8081, :join? false}))
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