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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Journey to better understanding FRP

( by @ninokierulf )
created: 2015 April 02

After reading Collection Pipeline Patterns by Martin Fowler.

  • map - to transform item (similar to select?)
  • flatten - merge nested
  • flat-map - map with flatten 1 level
  • reduce - similar to an accumulator? results in one return object
  • intersection - results in common objects in both universe


People to follow

  1. Martin Fowler

  2. Andre Medeiros (aka Staltz)

Articles Read (Chronological)

Intro to Rx by Staltz
Be Reactive by colintheshots
stackoverflow answer by Laurence Gonsalves

TODO: digression. (to some other md file)

Facebook Projects ** <-- finish this **

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