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@nipundavid nipundavid/Controller.cs
Last active Jul 22, 2017

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using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;
public class Controller : MonoBehaviour {
// To display output of the alert box
public Text reply;
// To store context of the main activity that Unity3D is running
private AndroidJavaObject activityContext = null;
// To store the instance of the class
private AndroidJavaObject nativeDialogBox = null;
void Start()
AndroidCallBacks androidCallbacks = new GameObject("AndroidCallBacks").AddComponent<AndroidCallBacks>();
// Get MainActivity class instance that Unity is running
using (AndroidJavaClass activityClass = new AndroidJavaClass("com.unity3d.player.UnityPlayer"))
// Get context of the MainActivity class that unity is running
activityContext = activityClass.GetStatic<AndroidJavaObject>("currentActivity");
public void ShowNativeDialogBox()
CallNativeDialogBox("Dialog Box", "This is a Dialog box", "Yes", "No");
private void CallNativeDialogBox(params object[] args)
AndroidJavaObject bridge = new AndroidJavaObject("");
activityContext.Call("runOnUiThread", new AndroidJavaRunnable(() =>
bridge.CallStatic("ShowDialogPopup", args);
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