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Anonymous Patient Registration project - Description, Code and Installation guide

Anonymous Patient Registration Project

Student: Nipun Thathsara

Mentor: Sara Fatima

Project: Anonymous Patient Rgistration Project

Organization: Openmrs

Description: Openmrs supports registration of unknown patients. Project objectives are to make this function work out of the box for reference application and move unknown patient registration functionality to the openmrs-core by removing its dependency to modules.


openmrs-core commits

openmrs-module-registrationapp commits

openmrs-module-registrationcore commits

Repositories involved

Project involves three repositories

Since Openmrs lacks reverse compatibility among its modules and platform, the versions which are available at the default download link are being used in the development process. Branch created (b-version) in each repository when pushing the changes.


Running the project

  1. Build Platform

    Clone: git clone

    Checkout branch: git checkout b-2.0.5

    Build: mvn clean install -U -DskipTests (Build core first and update maven local repository (.m2) to build other modules)

  2. Copy openmrs.war file from openmrs-core/webapp/target/ directory to <CATALINA_HOME>/webapps/ directory

    Restart the server.

    Go to http://localhost:8080/openmrs

    Install the web application.

  3. Build RegistrationCore module

    Clone: git clone

    Checkout branch: git checkout b-1.7.1

    Build: mvn clean install -DskipTests

  4. Build RegistrationApp module

    Clone: git clone

    Checkout: git checkout b-1.8.0

    Build: mvn clean install -DskipTests

  5. Download other required modules


    Extract the zip file into ~/.Openmrs/modules directory.

    Delete registrationapp-1.8.0.omod and registrationcore-1.7.1.omod from the extracted directory.

    Replace them with your build artifacts. (copy registrationapp-1.8.0.omod from openmrs-module-registrationapp/omod/target/ to ~/.Openmrs/modules/ directory) (copy registrationcore-1.7.1.omod from openmrs-module-registrationcore/omod/target/ to ~/.Openmrs/modules/ directory)

  6. Restart the server (Tomcat)

Note : If an exception like this appears,

org.apache.jasper.JasperException:/WEB-INF/view/uncaughtException.jsp(line:9,column:0)Unabletofindtaglib"c"forURI:/WEB- INF/view/module/legacyui/taglibs/c-rt.tld

re-start the server (Tomcat)


  1. Write unit-tests.

  2. Re-write validations to address the new changes.

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