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Posting to Timeline using PHP SDK 4.0.x with additional parameters
// make api call
$response = (new FacebookRequest(
$session, 'POST', '/me/feed', array(
'name' => 'Facebook API: Posting a Status Update Using PHP SDK 4.0.x',
'caption' => "I'm rewriting old tutorials to work with the new PHP SDK 4.0 and Graph API 2.0.",
'link' => '…-php-sdk-4-0-x/',
'message' => 'Check out my new tutorial'
// output response - should include post_id
print_r( $response );

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ivantec commented Nov 28, 2014

Hi Niraj-shah :), I'm from Mexico, I admire your work, thanks for your knowledge, I have a question, please as deauthorize callback url example php sdk 4.0.x

Greetings from mexico :)

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