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👨‍💻Coping Today & Crying Tomorrow?


I toasted these two pieces together but one is partially burnt. This compelled me to write a post on a crucial topic “Burnout”.

Here is something which no one is going to tell you in your 20s but you will realize in your 30s. Life is going to roast you, people are definitely going to push you beyond your limits. But unlike these toasted beads, you can take your life decisions.

You have to understand the fact that everyone has their own limits and certainly you too. If you keep on comparing yourself with Sharma Ji's kid you may hurt yourself. The pain is not always physical, it includes mental pain as well.

Subconsciously you may start feeding your mind that you are not good enough or you may start building an inferiority complex and ultimately you will burnout. This is one of the reasons why people lose hope & develop symptoms of anxiety & depression. However, once you feel that you are giving more than 100% and still not able to achieve the desired results. Take a step back, observe the situation.

Give yourself some rest, recharge yourself by doing easy tasks like sleep, listen to your playlist. read or go for a walk.

The tough situation which you are going through is temporary. You will get through it, just remember “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” and for god's sake don’t compare. Also, It doesn’t have to be crazy at work all the time.

Focus on your thing and build a routine don’t try to accomplish everything in one day. Overnight success is a myth, build a plan, divide big tasks into multiple milestones, and work with consistency to accomplish them.

Try to live a balanced life. Do something for your mind, do something for your body, do something for your souls, and spend time with family too.

Lastly, if you liked this post buy me a toaster I guess I need a new one.

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