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次 Can you beat ACP Pradyuman in this case?

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-05 at 9 21 48 PM

Most of you know that I'm not a storyteller. If you don't know my profession, I would strongly recommend looking into the IG-Bio [trust me first-cry, blowing candle 鄐鄍鄐詮 vulgar 鄐眇冗鄐戈鄐 鄐桌鄐 鄐詮 鄐鄍鄐 鄐兒允鄍鄐 鄐嫩 鄐鄐詮亢鄍鄐]. Anyway, since we are talking about the profession, I hope you are familiar with this guy in this picture.

If you don't remember, this guy is ACP Pradyuman, and let me remind you CID was one of the Most Ridiculous TV Shows. These are not my words, this is something I read over the weekend. CID had supernatural powers. Why? -- BC they are the only humans capable of capturing infra-red radiations with swimming goggles, magnifying pictures thousands of times without ruining their resolution, and slapping criminals so hard that they immediately end up in the CID bureau. Moreover, these guys can find the supplier of a piece of cloth just by looking at a microscopic thread from it, and even detect fingerprints with their naked eyes. [Slow clap]... read more

I got so inspired today, I created a riddle myself. If you are a smart ass real follower, understand the riddle, and leave your answer in the comment.

Here's the story --

It was Tuesday morning. If you don't know, here's a fun fact about Tuesday. It's the most productive day of the week, Fridays are the least. Because of the pandemic, all offices are closed. Streets are empty and all you can hear is the ambulance siren. Paandu, who lives in the central part of Chiang Mai, was trying to relax by watching Cabin by the Lake and spending some quality time with his family. Suddenly they received a call from the office.

[Phone conversation] [Voice from the other side]: Hello, Is it Paandu?

[Phone conversation] Raahithya: No, It's Raahithya, Wait a minute, let me call him.

Raahithya -- "Paandu, there is a call for you." Paandu -- "Okay, who is it?" Raahithya -- Not sure check it yourself :/

[Phone conversation starts]

Paandu [Picks up the phone]: Hi, Yes, may I know who is this?

Office HR: I'm Ica, the Big Brain's head HR, We are calling all the employees to check on them, how are they doing. Since this pandemic will stay for a while and everyone would have to work from home until further notice.

Paandu: Ohh Hello Ica, I'm doing fine, Thanks for the concern. How are you doing?

Ica: I'm also doing great. Paandu, do you need something from the office? Or is there anything we can help you with?

Paandu: Yes, I don't have an office chair at home. I'm gonna need that, can you send it over to my place.?

Ica: Sure, we can do that. Send me an email with your address and the details of your requirements, our office boy Dabir will bring it to your house in an hour. (luckily Paandu stays near office)

Paandu: You are the best Ica. I'm shooting an email right away. One more thing, can you ask Dabir to bring along all of my belongings (a parker pen, anti-epileptic red-colored pills, iPad pro, Rayban glasses & a water bottle) which I left inside the table's drawer. My desk number is 0BH-EIV0M.

Ica: Sure, sure. Ok, thanks for sparing some time. Take care of yourself. bye-bye. I'll send all the items.

Paandu: You too, bye-bye.

[Phone conversation ends]

Dabir reaches Paandu's home in an hour with an office chair and all his belongings. Dabir rang the bell and waited. He was in a hurry as he had to deliver stuff to other employees' houses as well.

Paandu opened the door and asked Dabir to put everything inside the bedroom. Dabir carried everything in his hands and went inside the room. As soon as he enters the room, he hears a scream and watches a woman dying.

Dabir, who is an atheist, started chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo, his mind was baffled and he froze. He never thought in his life he would witness such a thing. However, He doesnt do anything. He puts all the stuff right there in the middle of the room and leaves.

Paandu thanked Dabir and told him he is doing a great job. Dabir didnt respond and ran away fast.

Now the question is why he didnt do anything.

I know ACP Pradyuman can solve this case without even visiting the crime scene but can you?

[The hint is available in the first comment]


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The answer is in the desk number.

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