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📝 Made To Stick


At my current workplace every quarter we undergo a detailed Story Mapping Session which allows us to have a birds-eye view of the problem.

A brief introduction of Story Mapping: It is an engaging activity where all participants are involved in the process of building the product backlog on a wall, versus writing a dull 100-page requirement document.

The session is all about brainstorming and capturing requirements. However, it requires certain tools and this post is dedicated to one of the most important tools we need for this session i.e, Sticky Note.


Although sticky notes have a very special superpower that allows them to stick to the wall until eternity. But, if you don't peel them the right way they will not stick for a long time.


After some research, I found there are two ways of peeling out Sticky Notes.

  1. Bottom-Up Method
  2. From-The-Side Method


First Approach (Picture 1) - In this method, I will hold the sticky note at the bottom and move it upwards to remove it from the pad.


Second Approach (Picture 2) - In this method, I will start at the left side of the pad and pull the note to the right. See it again, the pink line indicates the adhesive part.


Result (Picture 3)

From-The-Side approach is the best, It’s perfectly flat! See the difference?


Grab some Sticky Notes! and try out yourself.


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