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🤯 5 Things You Didn't Know Javascript Could Do!

This post exposes a few Javascript hidden gems that many developers are unaware of. Hopefully, this would save some of your development/debugging time.

Get or set query arguments in a URL

// url.searchParam
let url = new URL("");
let query = url.searchParams.get("q"); // is the string "Learn Javascript"
let query = url.searchParams.get("page"); // is the number 2

// url.href =

I guess we need same for cookies 🙄

Super useful API which gives us localized formatting of relative times (e.g. "yesterday", “3 seconds ago", "in 2 weeks"

// Intl.RelativeTimeFormat 

const rtf = new Intl.RelativeTimeFormat("en");

rtf.format(3.14, "second");
// → "in 3.14 seconds"

rtf.format(-15, "minute");
// → "15 minutes ago"

const rtf = new Intl.RelativeTimeFormat("es");

rtf.format(3.14, "second");
// → "dentro de 3,14 segundos"

rtf.format(-15, "minute");
// → "hace 15 minutos"

Get native-app like sharing in a few lines of JS with the Web Share API: Supports sharing links, text & files.

// Available in Chrome for Android, iOS Safari & Safari

if (navigator.share) {
   title: "",
   text: "Accessibility tips for web development",
   url: ""
 }).then(() => console.log("Successful share"))
   .catch((error) => console.error(error)) //Error 

// -- //

DevTools Console API for querying heap objects

// queryObjects(Constructor) in Chrome dev tools console gets all objects of a given constructor or class 

const storeThis = [];

class Movie {
	constructor (name) { = name;
	myReview() {
		console.log(`${} was awesome!`);
storeThis.push(new Movie("Toy Story 4"));
storeThis.push(new Movie("Star Wars"));

/** Array(2)
    0: Movie {name: "Toy Story 4"}
    1: Movie {name: "Star Wars"}

Storage for the web

// A new guide to your options for storing data in the browser & checking quotas
if ( {
	const quota = await;
	// quota.usage -> Number of bytes used.
	// quota.quota -> Maximum number of bytes available.
	const percentageUsed = (quota.usage/quota.quota) * 100;
	console.log(` You've used ${percentageUsed}% of the available storage.`);
	const remaining = quota.quota - quota.used;
	console.log(` You can write up to ${remaining} more bytes.`);


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