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JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts in 35ish minutes - Introduction

If you are looking for a resource where you can learn Javascript in-depth. JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts Udemy course is highly recommended.


If you have a limited amount of time and want to Understand the Weird Parts of Javascript in 35ish minutes. Then tag along and read this post.

In 2015, I gathered all the learnings from the above mentioned Udemy course and created a document out of it. This document includes all the learnings which are the most important parts of Javascript. This document is quite handy and help me revise the complex Javascript concepts. I just want to give back something to the community. So, I will be sharing this document in the form of 6 posts.

  • Javascript Basics
  • Willingness to learn
  • 35 min

If you want a gist of the actual document, subscribe to the newsletter.

What benefit it will give? You will receive the first draft of the JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts paraphrased in simple and easy to understand language. I used Monkeymatt to make lorem ipsum of the whole document.

Just for the record if you visit JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts in 35ish minutes - Lorem Ipsum Document copy/paste this crap on Read-o-Meter and check, it will show that estimated reading time is 34 minutes, 14 seconds and it contains 6847 words.

Following information will give you an idea about -- What problem we face with long video courses?, What value I'm giving?, How you will get benefit from it?, Proof, that It WORKS!. Read through the following paragraphs to understand all.

  1. The problem is time. It is limited in life and it's difficult to watch again 11.5 hours long videos on 2x speed and dig up meaningful information. And it's overwhelming when your interview is already scheduled on next Monday.

  2. I'm going to share all the notes which I made from the brilliant course of Tony Alicea. Go through all the posts titled JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts. You will be able to learn JavaScript and Understanding it's Weird Parts in 35ish minutes.

  3. There are mainly 6 Sections which I've divided into 6 posts. All these posts will be titled - `JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts in 35ish minutes} - ${number}`.

  4. I ❤JS, In the last 6 years, I've worked in various domains, be it the fastest growing health tech startup like HealthTap or giant e-commerce like Snapdeal. I've experience of working with smart and diverse teams. Until now I've given/taken an enormous number of interviews for the position of Frontend Developer/Senior Frontend developer all over the world. It was all possible because of my knowledge of Javascript.

If everything goes well you will understand the meaning of all the big words like Syntactic Sugar, Single Threaded, Hoisting &, etc. Just to make these words searchable I'll append a hashtag #BIGWORD with all of them.

If you have any question or just want to say 'Hi'. You can reach me through these links. #ThatJsDev · StackOverflow · Github · LinkedIn ·


Unlike life, keyboards do have shortcuts, press COMMAND+D to make this site an easily accessible Javascript resource.

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