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Audibook convert m4b to mp3. This will split into chaptered mp3 files and automatically reconfigure proper ID3v2 tags.
# sudo apt-get install id3 ffmpeg
# cd /book title/
# bash ~/
# rm *.m4b (you need to manually remove the original in case something goes wrong)
# $ ls
# The Wheel of Time - Book 11 - Knife of Dreams, Part 1.m4b The Wheel of Time - Book 11 - Knife of Dreams, Part 2.m4b
# $ ~/
# .....
# File: Knife of Dreams - Chapter 18 - News for the Dragon.mp3
# Metadata: ID3v2.3
# Title: Chapter 18 - News for the Dragon
# Artist: Robert Jordan
# Album: Knife of Dreams
# Track: 23
# Genre: Audiobooks
#initial track number
#assumes ( if there are multiple files Part 01/Part 02) that they are in alphabetical order
for i in *.m4b;
name=`echo $i | cut -d'.' -f1`;
echo $name;
ffmpeg -i "$i" -acodec libmp3lame -ar 22050 -ab 64k "$name.mp3"
id3 -2 "$name.mp3"
#split chapters
title=$(pwd | sed 's,^\(.*/\)\?\([^/]*\),\2,' | cut -d , -f 1)
ffmpeg -i "$full_file_path" 2> tmp.txt
while read -r first _ _ start _ end; do
if [[ "${first}" = "Chapter" ]]
read # discard line with Metadata:
read _ _ chapter
chapter=$(sed -re ":r;s/\b[0-9]{1,$((1))}\b/0&/g;tr" <<<$chapter)
chapter_file="${title} - ${chapter}.mp3"
echo "processing $chapter"
</dev/null ffmpeg -loglevel error -stats -i "${full_file_path}" -ss "${start%?}" -to "${end}" -codec:a copy -metadata track="${chapter}" "${chapter_file}"
id3 -2 "$chapter_file"
id3 --title "$chapter" "$chapter_file"
id3 --album "$title" "$chapter_file"
id3 --track "$track" "$chapter_file"
echo "$title - $chapter"
done <tmp.txt
rm tmp.txt
rm "$full_file_path"
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