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nivleshc / ansible-aws-inventory-main-03.yml
Created Apr 16, 2019
Part 3 of ansible-aws-inventory-main.yml file
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#define output file names. These will be prepended with run date/time in iso6801 format
- output_root_folder: /Users/nivleshc/Documents/OneDrive/Personal/Studies/AWS/output/raw/
- outputfile_variablename_suffix: "_outputfile"
- outputfileheader_variablename_suffix: "_outputfile_header"
- vpc_outputfile: "{{ output_root_folder }}{{ ansible_date_time.iso8601 }}_vpc.csv"
- subnet_outputfile: "{{ output_root_folder }}{{ ansible_date_time.iso8601 }}_subnet.csv"
- igw_outputfile: "{{ output_root_folder }}{{ ansible_date_time.iso8601 }}_igw.csv"
- cgw_outputfile: "{{ output_root_folder }}{{ ansible_date_time.iso8601 }}_cgw.csv"
- vgw_outputfile: "{{ output_root_folder }}{{ ansible_date_time.iso8601 }}_vgw.csv"
- ami_outputfile: "{{ output_root_folder }}{{ ansible_date_time.iso8601 }}_ami.csv"
nivleshc / ansible-aws-inventory-main-04.yml
Created Apr 16, 2019
Part 4 of ansible-aws-inventory-main.yml file
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#the following variables are used to enable or disable inventory for a particular resource. Use true to enable and false to disable
- inventory_vpc: true
- inventory_subnet: true
- inventory_igw: true
- inventory_cgw: true
- inventory_vgw: true
- inventory_ami: true
- inventory_eip: true
- inventory_snapshot: true
- inventory_volume: true
nivleshc / ansible-aws-inventory-main-05.yml
Created Apr 16, 2019
Part 5 of ansible-aws-inventory-main.yml file
View ansible-aws-inventory-main-05.yml
- name: initialise output files with headers
state: present
create: yes
path: "{{ lookup('vars', item + outputfile_variablename_suffix) }}"
line: "{{ lookup('vars', item + outputfileheader_variablename_suffix) }}"
insertbefore: BOF
- vpc
nivleshc / ansible-aws-inventory-main-06.yml
Created Apr 16, 2019
Part 6 of ansible-aws-inventory-main.yml file
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- name: find all applicable resources within region
include_tasks: ansible-aws-inventory-worker.yml
loop: "{{ aws_regions }}"
loop_var: aws_region
label: "{{ aws_region }}"
nivleshc / ansible-aws-inventory-main-07.yml
Created Apr 16, 2019
Part 7 of ansible-aws-inventory-main.yml file
View ansible-aws-inventory-main-07.yml
- name: print out the output filenames for each of the resoureces inventoried
- "{{ item }} output filename: {{ lookup('vars', item + outputfile_variablename_suffix) }}"
- vpc
- subnet
- igw
- cgw
- vgw
nivleshc / ansible-aws-inventory-hosts
Created Apr 12, 2019
This is the ansible inventory file that will be used by ansible-aws-inventory-main.yml
nivleshc / ansible-aws-inventory-worker.yml
Created Apr 12, 2019
Ansible Inventory Worker file. This is the file which actually carries out all the inventory tasks. It is called by the main file
View ansible-aws-inventory-worker.yml
# Name: ansible-aws-inventory-worker.yml
# Description: this is the worker file that called the main file (ansible-aws-inventory-main.yml) to to create an inventory of all the
# specific aws resources. This file, the worker file and the ansible inventory file must be placed in the same folder
# Prerequisites:
# - the worker file (ansible-aws-inventory-worker.yml) and the ansible hosts file must be present in the same folder as this file (ansible-aws-inventory-main.yml)
# - this script requires read access to all resources it will be querying. An AWS IAM user account must be created with the necessary permissions and with access keys enabled.
# At a minimum, to query all the resources mentioned above, the following permissions are required
# - AmazonVPCReadOnlyAccess
# - AmazonEC2ReadOnlyAccess
# - ElasticLoadBalancingReadOnly
nivleshc / ansible-aws-inventory-main.yml
Created Apr 12, 2019
The main inventory file - declare variables here. This calls the worker file (which must be prese
View ansible-aws-inventory-main.yml
# Name: ansible-aws-inventory-main.yml
# Description: this is the main file that calls the worker file (ansible-aws-inventory-worker.yml) to create an inventory of all the
# specific aws resources.
# Below are the resources that will be inventoried
# - vpc
# - subnet
# - igw
# - cgw
# - vgw
nivleshc / ansible-aws-inventory-main-02.yml
Created Apr 11, 2019
Part 2 of the ansible-aws-inventory-main.yml file
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#define all output file headers
- vpc_outputfile_header: "Region;VPC ID;Is_Default;State;CIDR Block;Enable DNS Hostnames;Enable DNS Support;DHCP Options ID;Instance Tenancy"
- subnet_outputfile_header: "Region;Subnet ID;VPC ID;avaialability zone;cidr_block;available_ip_address_count;default_for_az;map_public_ip_on_launch;state"
- igw_outputfile_header: "Region;IGW ID;VPC ID;State;Tags"
- cgw_outputfile_header: "Region;CGW ID;BGP ASN;ip address;state;type;tags"
- vgw_outputfile_header: "Region;VGW ID;State;type;attachments;Tags"
- ami_outputfile_header: "Region;image_id;name;creation_date;state;is_public;description"
- eip_outputfile_header: "Region;allocation_id;association_id;domain;attached to(instance_id);network_interface_id;private_ip_address;public_ip;public_ipv4_pool"
- snapshot_outputfile_header: "Region;snapshot_id;owner_id;start_time;progress;state;encrypted;volume_id;volume_size;description"
- volume_outputfile_header: "Region;volume_id;volume_type;size;iops;encrypted;status;regio
nivleshc / ansible-aws-inventory-main-01.yml
Last active Apr 11, 2019
Part 1 of ansible-aws-inventory-main.yml file
View ansible-aws-inventory-main-01.yml
- hosts: localhost
connection: local
gather_facts: yes
- aws_regions:
- us-east-1 #North Virginia
- us-east-2 #Ohio
- us-west-1 #North California
- us-west-2 #Oregon
- ap-south-1 #Mumbai
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