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Script to delete branches older than 6 months old, ignore local vs remote errors.
ECHO='echo '
for branch in $(git branch -a | sed 's/^\s*//' | sed 's/^remotes\///' | grep -v 'main$\|develop$'); do
if ! ( [[ -f "$branch" ]] || [[ -d "$branch" ]] ) && [[ "$(git log $branch --since "1 month ago" | wc -l)" -eq 0 ]]; then
if [[ "$DRY_RUN" = "false" ]]; then
local_branch_name=$(echo "$branch" | sed 's/remotes\/origin\///')
$ECHO git branch -d "${local_branch_name}"
$ECHO git push origin --delete "${local_branch_name}"
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Can this script be added to a CI ?

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devhpes commented Jul 22, 2022

Yes It can be added.

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Will this detect any recent updates to the branches or will it base the age by the date the branch was created?

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