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Last active July 2, 2023 03:11
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an interseting tutoriel



  • WinXP SP1 or Win2003 SP0 iso x86
  • from 3 to 6 hours of your life
  • patience and optimism (oh you should have a lot of it)
  • less than 8 cores dedicated to VM (4 cores work fine, 8 cores make your life hell when trying to build sources using badly coded scripts)

The result:

Down below.

The process:

  • set system time to 2003-08-01(yyyy-mm-dd) before extraction
  • extract cabs with batch file that comes with it (do not forget to edit x.cmd for the correct extract paths)
  • unset Read Only on NT folder (and subfolders/files)
  • cd to NT directory
  • import tools\driver.pfx (double click and hit next on the import wizard)
  • tools\razzle free offline (or 'tools\razzle offline' for debug)
  • wait for shit, close the notepad that opens
  • \NT\base\ntos\ex\exp.h \NT\inetsrv\msmq\src\lib\ex\lib\exinit.c \NT\base\crts\crtw32\time\systime.c replacement down below, replace em!
  • run CheckTestRoot.cmd and CheckTestPCA.cmd
  • wait for build ...
  • if any errors in build.err, run build /ZP (race conditions in timebuild might have made stuff build before their dependency, running build /ZP will try the failed stuff again)
  • hopefully now build.err is empty (probably have directui.lib missing error though, either copy from XP or see if there's a built directui.lib and copy to \public\internal\windows\lib\i386)
  • if you copied directui etc run build /ZP again
  • once build.err is empty, copy missing files (winlogon.exe & other missing bins, TBA) into binaries.x86fre
  • then run perl tools\ -NOCLEANBUILD -NOSYNC -NOSCORCH -RESUME
  • do tools\postbuild to start the process of build the iso from bins
  • after all the steps check binaries.x86fre/build_logs/postbuild.err and grab all the missing files mentioned in there from ISO
  • edit tools/postbuildscripts/pbuild.dat and comment out the sxs_make_asms_cabs lines
  • grab from w2k3 ISO and put that into binaries.x86fre, and binaries.x86fre/srv/i386, replacing the one thats there
  • run timebuild one more time and it should sign all the shit for you, now you should have a working setup inside binaries.x86fre/srv/
  • finally use oscdimg -n D:\binaries.x86fre\srv srv.iso to turn that into bootable iso assuming is in your current folder

Yee, it was stupid of me to paste ms code in ms code sharing plaform, lol

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