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Empty an s3 bucket of all object versions and delete markers in batches of 1000
#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -eEo pipefail
shopt -s inherit_errexit >/dev/null 2>&1 || true
if [[ ! "$#" -eq 2 || "$1" != --bucket ]]; then
echo -e "USAGE: $(basename "$0") --bucket <bucket>"
exit 2
# $@ := bucket_name
empty_bucket() {
local -r bucket="${1:?}"
for object_type in Versions DeleteMarkers; do
local opt=() next_token=""
while [[ "$next_token" != null ]]; do
page="$(aws s3api list-object-versions --bucket "$bucket" --output json --max-items 1000 "${opt[@]}" \
--query="[{Objects: ${object_type}[].{Key:Key, VersionId:VersionId}}, NextToken]")"
objects="$(jq -r '.[0]' <<<"$page")"
next_token="$(jq -r '.[1]' <<<"$page")"
case "$(jq -r .Objects <<<"$objects")" in
'[]'|null) break;;
*) opt=(--starting-token "$next_token")
aws s3api delete-objects --bucket "$bucket" --delete "$objects";;
empty_bucket "${2#s3://}"
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