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Nick George nkicg6

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# extract SQLite3 data to dict example, explained in this post:
# run with:
# python3
import os
import sqlite3
import sys
def sql_data_to_list_of_dicts(path_to_db, select_query):
nkicg6 /
Last active Sep 20, 2020
Example python script to format and add metadata from electrophysiology experiments to an SQLite metadata table
# example script to organize and add metadata to a database
# see
# for explanation
import argparse
import os
import csv
import sqlite3
import pyabf
nkicg6 /
Created Oct 30, 2019
Jython script to fit paths automatically from a traces file and image in SNT
# @SNTService sntService
# script to fit paths from previous tracing session programatically via Jython and SNT
# single threaded fitting and slow. Will refactor to multithreaded in future....
# see:
# test traces file
traces_test = "path/to/traces_file.traces"
# test img file
image_test = "path/to/image_file.tif"