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nknauth / manifest.json
Created February 24, 2016 03:47
custom new chrome tab page example
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"manifest_version" : 2,
"name": "Simple New Tab Extension",
"description": "Minimal search and links to frequent websites",
"version": "1.0.0",
"chrome_url_overrides" : {
"newtab": "newtab.html"
nknauth / arne-cnes-88.gpl
Created October 10, 2014 17:43
Arne's CNES-88 Palette, v8
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GIMP Palette
# by Arne Niklas Jansson
0 0 0 Untitled
0 23 125 Untitled
2 74 202 Untitled
0 132 255 Untitled
91 168 255 Untitled
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// ${1:commentheader}
<!-- Optional: Set a tabTrigger to define how to trigger the snippet -->
<!-- Optional: Set a scope to limit where the snippet will trigger -->
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.skewed-tabletop {
-webkit-transform: perspective(600px) rotateX(35deg);
transform: perspective(600px) rotateX(35deg);
nknauth /
Created October 26, 2012 21:11
Dungeon World GM Sheet

GM Sheet


  • Portray a fantastic world
  • Fill the characters' lives with adventure
  • Play to find out what happens


nknauth /
Created October 15, 2012 21:12
Dungeon world moves

Basic Moves

  • Hack and Slash (STR)
  • Volley (DEX)
  • Defy Danger (any)
  • Defend (CON)
  • Spout Lore (INT)
  • Discern Realities (WIS)
  • Parley (CHA)
  • Aid or Interfere (Bond)
nknauth /
Created October 12, 2012 22:00
Dungeon World Session 1 plans (public)

Dungeon World Session 1 plans

Goblins are defiling a sacred temple in the ancient forest. The party has been pressed into service by a dryad to whom they owed a favor. The goblins are mining crystals from the cavern beneath the tree.

Backstory: In the last war of the gods, Mirana, a fertility goddess, was struck by a near-fatal blow and fell from the heavens. She landed so hard, the ground was split and a giant crater was formed. As the war raged on above, Mirana was ignored and left for dead in the crater. Despite being unconscious, her divine powers continued to work to protect her. She formed a protective cocoon of crystal, where she stayed for a millennium until she recovered.

Alternate ending: she died, and the crystals are her coffin or corpse.

Either way, the crystals are highly potent magic. They must not be removed from the forest. Possible plot hook: if they're removed, the forest will die and the magical landscape will change (for the worse for the PCs).

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body {
background: #efefef;
color: #999 ;
font-family: helvetica, arial, sans-serif ;
font-size: 12pt ;
margin: 0 ;
padding: 0 ;
table {
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html{height:100%;margin-bottom:1px;} /* always show scroll bar */
Vertical Rhythm: 18px vertical grid
body {
font-family:"Helvetica Neue",Helvetica,Arial,"Liberation Sans","FreeSans",sans-serif;
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<script src=""></script>
pageTracker._trackPageview('/PDF/'+ $(this).attr('href'));