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* @flow
declare module 'react-addons-css-transition-group' {
declare type TransitionNameShort = {
enter?: string,
leave?: string,
active?: string
declare type TransitionNameFull = {
enter?: string,
enterActive?: string,
leave?: string,
leaveActive?: string,
appear?: string,
appearActive?: string
declare type TransitionName = string | TransitionNameShort | TransitionNameFull;
declare type Props = {
transitionName: TransitionName,
transitionAppear?: boolean,
transitionEnter?: boolean,
transitionLeave?: boolean,
transitionAppearTimeout?: number,
transitionEnterTimeout?: number,
transitionLeaveTimeout?: number
declare type DefaultProps = {
transitionAppear: false,
transitionEnter: true,
transitionLeave: true
declare class ReactCSSTransitionGroup extends React$Component {
props: Props;
static defaultProps: DefaultProps;
declare var exports: typeof ReactCSSTransitionGroup;
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