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pip check-compatibility ward py2neo
py2neo and ward both depend on pygments. Compatible combinations:
a: ward 0.46.0b0, py2neo 4.3.0 : both depend on pygments 2.6.1
b: ward 0.44.1b0, py2neo 4.1.3 : both depend on pygments 2.6.1
install a or b?
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Created June 21, 2018 14:37 — forked from cvrebert/
Survey of screenshot-based CSS testing tools

Currently considering

Core Goals:

  • Can test in up-to-date versions of all major browsers
  • Can test on up-to-date versions of all major OSes
  • Can test in IE9 (because Bootstrap v4 will support IE9+)
  • Don't want to have to setup/maintain our own cluster of VMs running all the necessary OSes (and all the versions of Windows)
  • Workflow for management of reference/baseline/norm screenshots
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Last active August 2, 2018 09:43
rh2 admin pages - rollout order
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Last active September 11, 2021 16:02
Visual Design Exercise

Visual Design Exercise

Thanks for your application so far, we're really pleased that you're interested in working with us.

In order for us to learn more about you, we'd like to propose a small design exercise.

The point of this exercise is for us to learn how you think about problem solving and what your design preferences are.

The Components

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Last active April 8, 2019 23:31
Nicole's PeopleAsk Env CheatSheet


List all containers:

sudo lxc-ls -f

Stop peopleask container:

sudo lxc-stop -n peopleask