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module Jekyll
class ArchivePage < Page
include Convertible
attr_accessor :site, :pager, :name, :ext, :basename, :dir, :data, :content, :output
# Initialize new ArchivePage
# +site+ is the Site
# +month+ is the month
# +posts+ is the list of posts for the month
# Returns <ArchivePage>
def initialize(site, month, posts)
@site = site
@month = month
self.ext = '.html'
self.basename = 'index'
self.content = <<-EOS
{% for post in page.posts %}
<li><a href="{{ post.url }}">{{ post.title }}</a></li>
{% endfor %}
EOS = {
'layout' => 'default',
'type' => 'archive',
'title' => "Archive for #{month}",
'posts' => posts
# Add any necessary layouts
# +layouts+ is a Hash of {"name" => "layout"}
# +site_payload+ is the site payload hash
# Returns nothing
def render(layouts, site_payload)
payload = {
"page" => self.to_liquid,
"paginator" => pager.to_liquid
merged_payload = Utils.deep_merge_hashes(site_payload, payload)
do_layout(merged_payload, layouts)
def url
File.join("/", @month, "index.html")
def to_liquid
Utils.deep_merge_hashes(, {
"url" => self.url,
"content" => self.content
# Write the generated page file to the destination directory.
# +dest_prefix+ is the String path to the destination dir
# +dest_suffix+ is a suffix path to the destination dir
# Returns nothing
def write(dest_prefix, dest_suffix = nil)
dest = dest_prefix
dest = File.join(dest, dest_suffix) if dest_suffix
# The url needs to be unescaped in order to preserve the
# correct filename
path = File.join(dest, CGI.unescape(self.url))
FileUtils.mkdir_p(File.dirname(path)), 'w') do |f|
def html?
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demisx commented Sep 16, 2014

Could you please tell me where can I find some examples on how to integrate this plug in into my Jekyll site?

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